How to play hockey – Buying Hockey Equipment

hockey equipment

hockey equipment

List of hockey equipment-

Buy Basic Hockey Equipment-

Obviously if you want to play hockey you are going to need to have the proper equipment to not only play hockey, but more so to keep you safe while playing.

You’ll need to start out with the bare minimum of ice hockey skates, a hockey stick, hockey gloves, and a hockey helmet.

There is a lot of other hockey gear required to actually play hockey, but this will be enough to get you onto most rinks that have Stick and Puck sessions for you to practice.

After some familiarity, you’ll want to take additional Learn To Skate hockey lessons and advanced Learn To Play Hockey lessons. These are usually classes of several lessons over a period of at least a few weeks.

NHL Hockey Gear and Equipment-

We have created a quick list of hockey gear and equipment most professional hockey players are obligated to wear while practicing, training, and wearing during hockey games.

List of professional hockey equipment-

Hockey helmet, shoulder pads,back brace, chest protector, elbow pads, knee and thigh pads, mouth guard, protective hockey gloves, heavily padded under shorts, jockstrap protector, shin pads,  a neck guard, loads of medical/sport tape to assist with additional support of safety equipment.

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